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Best IPTV Panel

To build your own IPTV server from scratch. We support the most known devices. Our software scales as your number of customers is increasing. With 50M+ Clients and 18000+ Server, We believe that can meet all your needs.


With 50M+ Clients and 18000+ Server, We believe that can meet all your needs.

Best IPTV Panel

I’ll start the review of one of the streaming software available on the market, with version 2.9.1 EVO of IPTV Panel Professional Edition developed by Xtream-codes.

The Software is mainly used for the so-called IPTV broadcasting, but also with great potential for all kind of other content delivery applications such as audio and business streaming, cloud video transcoding, and all other kinds of global streams.

Do you have your own channel? Provide to your audience the ability to watch you online super fast an easy, please contact us immediately.

What is IPTV Restream? IPTV Restream with us it means you use our stream with your server and your customer use from your server. Every Stream you need one connection. If you want to have 100 channels you need to buy 100 connections.

Wide Range Compatibility: We support the most known devices and on every major update we do our best to support even more. MAG, Android, iOS and Enigma2 Boxes are supported. If you are a company and you sell your own branded devices we can support them right away.

Unlimited Scale: Our software scales as your number of customers is increasing. In our solution, you can combine multiple servers together with just a few clicks. When a customer connects they will be auto-redirected to a server with less load than the others or based on your desired settings. ISP/Country load balancing is also possible.

Security: We provide multiple logs for each connection made by your customer. We can also recognize if an ISP is belonging to a VPN Service, DataCenter or a Proxy and our software blocks it right away. Locking Subscriptions by IPs, Countries and Number of connections is also possible.

Setup Xtream UI: Security and Reseller

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Install xtreamcode part 2

Setup Xtream UI: Security and Reseller

Security Settings Section

security Setup Xtream UI: Security and Reseller

Blocked User Agents

Not absolutely clear about this feature. What is a “User Agent”? A User Agent is normally a short string that web browsers and other applications send to identify themselves to web servers. Unfortunately, most browsers falsify part of their User-Agent header in an attempt to be compatible with more web servers. Useful, but I find that the manual assigning of each single user agent is a hell of a work. There are preconfigured blocklists already on the Internet and it would be from great help if Xtream UI would allow loading a whole list.

Block IP’s

This function allows you to block particular IP addresses on your server.

Security-BlockIP Setup Xtream UI: Security and Reseller

Resellers – Registered Users Section

reseller-section Setup Xtream UI: Security and Reseller

Reseller Section

Let’s start with “Register New User”. This feature is mainly used, to create a new RESELLER of yours, a now you want to give him access to a reseller panel. Let’s create one!

Add new reseller

Reseller-add-new-reseller Setup Xtream UI: Security and Reseller

As we can see, you have to provide the following details for the new user (reseller in this case):

  • Username (Whatever you want to call the reseller)
  • Password (Please 6 digits minimum, out of security reasons, phrases are also useful)
  • E-Mail (Email address of your reseller, without one you can not create a new reseller)
  • Member group: choose Reseller option
  • Reseller DNS (Reseller Only) – Here you can specify the reseller’s own DNS
  • Credits (reseller Only) – The amount of money the Reseller paid you, usual is 1 credit = 1 UK pound or other currencies)

Manage register user

Here is where you can manage reseller and sub reseller
reseller-action Setup Xtream UI: Security and Reseller

  • Note
  • Edit
  • Reset two-factor author: is an additional security layer for your client
  • Disable
  • Delete: Remove reseller account

Create Package for reseller

Click on Setting button on the top right conner and choose Packages

reseller-create-new-package Setup Xtream UI: Security and Reseller We see the following options after clicking on New Package:


reseller-add-package-detail-2 Setup Xtream UI: Security and Reseller

You first need to name the package, mark it as Trial or Official Package (1-12 months or else later)
Offical Credits: use this section to set price for the package

Official Duration: It is your choice to set package duration from 1-12 months or later

Max Connections: Set number of connection can use with this package


reseller-add-package-groups Setup Xtream UI: Security and Reseller


Edit a package

On the Package, screen click on the pencil button on the  Action column to edit the reseller package. You are able to change the detail of the package, assign packages for different groups and choose bouquets will display on this group. Everything is possible!

Reseller Permissions

With this section, you can set feature that your Reseller can do on their panel

  • A limit trial in a period
  •  The authorities to use reseller API, delete lines, create sub reseller, change detail login, etc


Reseller-permission Setup Xtream UI: Security and Reseller


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